Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions of Use are only applicable to the Webshop website – www.level4tactical.co.uk www.tactical-gear.co.uk,  operated and managed by United Security Group UK Ltd ( " USG-UK" ) in United Kingdom.

By accessing, browsing and/or using " USG TACTICAL GEAR's link www.tactical-gear.co.uk " , you acknowledge that you accept all these " Terms " . 

If you do not agree to these " Terms " , please do not use " www.tactical-gear.co.uk " or "www.level4tactical.co.uk".

Please note that these " Terms " do not apply to any website operated by United Security Group UK outside UK. " USG-UK " recommends that you view the terms of use for those respective websites.

Sales of knives or tactical sharp tools are sold only to adults only. Because of that, USG-UK reserves the right to ask for formal identification before completing such sales transactions.

Also specific police, military or law enforcement material is possible to order via this website, allthough the transaction will and cannot be completed without a formal purchase order from a Governmental Organisation. A delivery period of 4 to 8 weeks may apply to all our products!!

In case products are not on hand, an even larger unguaranteed delivery time applies, but will allways be communicated to customers in case this presents itself. The presented transport costs apply only for the UK region and for parcels not higher then 10kg. Parcels outside the UK are subject to a prior given and agreed price quote, before our sales division will ask you to arrange payments and before we will actually ship your order. 

We do NOT technically allow online sales of Weapons or Weapons Parts. 

Thank you for your attention,

United Security Group UK Ltd